To start a company I believe there has to be passion. Many moons ago I seasonally worked on Kos Island mainly working on water sports and as the seasons pasted I made many friends. I made a partnership with a Greek guy Nikos (funny their all called Nikos right?) whom parents have a olive farm. Over the last eight or so years Nikos and I have been helping with production with my side more on moving the goodies to the UK.

With an ever growing customer based list and a few Deli's getting on board, now I spend most of my time in the UK distruibuting the "Greek Gold!" I do however have to from time to time return to Greece to keep an eye on things and as you can imagine, most of the time I don't rush back! I'm a big fan of Greekie islands!

Hope you have enjoyed the website and feel free to get in touch. "Olive oil is good for you and for gifts to others!"